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Une caméra filme l’abandon d’un chien

Mardi 19 septembre 2017, 19:45 Caroline
Une caméra de surveillance filme l’abandon d’un chien par son propriétaire

Une caméra de surveillance filme l’abandon d’un chien par son propriétaire

Le Dallas Marshall’s Office a décidé de réagir face aux nombreux abandons d’animaux le long des routes. Des caméras de surveillance ont été installées pour surveiller les abandons. Ce n’est pas seulement pour dénoncer les propriétaires, c’est aussi pour donner une chance aux animaux abandonnés d’être récupérés, soignés puis ré-adoptés le plus rapidement possible

Cette vidéo publiée par la SPCA du Texas sur Facebook montre l’abandon d’un chien par son propriétaire le long d’une route. Cette chienne de 1 an a été nommée Claira-Belle par ses sauveteurs, puis K-D par sa nouvelle famille qui n’a pas tardé à l’adopter. La chienne est désormais heureuse dans sa nouvelle famille tandis que son ancien propriétaire répondra à la justice pour son geste de cruauté envers son animal.



BREAKING: On Monday, September 11, 2017, Gorge Spears turned himself in to authorities after an arrest warrant was issued by the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the SPCA of Texas earlier the same day on a charge of cruelty to animals, a Class A misdemeanor, for abandoning a one-year-old female mixed breed dog near Teagarden Rd. at Dowdy Ferry Rd. in southern Dallas. Criminal charges have been filed against Mr. Spears. The crime was recorded by the cameras the Dallas Marshal’s Office installed in the area. This is the first time these cameras have captured an incident of alleged animal cruelty that has led to an arrest, and it marks the beginning of a close partnership between the SPCA of Texas and the Dallas Marshall’s Office in ongoing efforts to crack down on animal cruelty in the Dowdy Ferry and surrounding areas. The dog, later named Claira-Belle, was found by witnesses on August 5th and picked up by Dallas Animal Services in the early morning hours of August 6th. The SPCA of Texas received information regarding the case on August 18th and then began the investigation. Claira-Belle was transferred to the SPCA of Texas on August 22nd, and cared for before being adopted on September 9th. During the course of the investigation, the SPCA of Texas spoke with Gorge Spears, who on September 8th admitted that he dumped the dog, saying that he was trying to help his sister by getting rid of the dog because his sister was unable to control her. This admission led the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office’s and SPCA of Texas’ Animal Cruelty Investigator to file the arrest warrant.

Posted by SPCA of Texas on Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Source : Life With Dogs

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